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Thread: Windows movie maker -first-time editor-

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    Default Windows movie maker -first-time editor-

    I need some help. Here's what I'm trying to do:
    take .mpeg, .mpg, .wmv and possibly .avi videos and edit them (cut, past, delete, maybe in incraments as small as a frame).
    I want to combine multiple videos together. I want to remove the audio-sometimes only some of it. Lastly, I want to add my own MP3 to the video(I can convert the mp3 with tools if need be with Cool Edit Pro)

    I have Windows Move Maker and just opened it for the first time since I've had it on my computer. I didn't get to into tinkering with it because I'm not sure it will do all the things I listed. Can it? If ot, what's the cheapest peogram that will(if not for free already)
    Thank you

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    I don't think WMM seperates the audio from the video in the timeline, so you won't be able to remove sections. Take a look at Pure Motion Edit Studio, Pinnnacle Studio 9 or Ulead Video Studio 7.

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    Default loss of quality

    I made my first video in Windows Movie Maker, and the quiality seems to have changed. I'm not positiev about this, but, to my eye, it seems to have changed.
    When I saved the video, I selected high quality, not the recommended regular quality.
    Does anyone kow if WMM makes the quality lower?

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    If you output as a DV AVI, then, by definition, the quality will be exactly the same as the input. If you've trannscoded the video in any way, e.g. converted to WMV, then there will be a loss to quality as the data is compressed. More specifically, data is discarded rather rather than compressed to make file sizes smaller.

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