I have recently completed a 10 minute film using Liquid Edition 6, and I am ready to burn onto DVD-R.

Having followed the 'Export to DVD' procedure, I am disappointed to see much of my footage is very blocky (not grainy, but rather severe 'blocking' tainting the picture) particularly in bright outdoor scenes and with lots of movement onscreen (handheld POV shots especially).

The picture looks fine when viewed on my computer screen through Edition, so something is obviously wrong in the transfer between PC and DVD.

It was shot using a JVC camcorder so I do not expect crystal clear or a high quality reproduction, but I would certainly expect better than this from my end product when I view it on television.

Can anyone help with some advice as to how to increase the quality of my burnt film, and get rid or significantly reduce this terrible blocking I see before my eyes?

Looking for a solution as soon as possible, since my film is ready for submission to competition but I can't send any discs off in this state.

Thank you!