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Thread: New to cameras and video.

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    Default New to cameras and video.

    I have recently aquired an interest in film and video and I think I am going to major in film and video editing in college. But thats two years away.

    For now, I want to get into some basic editing for short films and documentaries just so I know what I am doing before I get into the major.

    I was wonder what camera would be good to shoot some shorts and docs. I was think of spending up to $400 or maybe $500.

    Also, what is a good editing software to learn on? I was thinking premiere. Any other suggestions?

    Any help would be great!

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    Any Mini DV model within your range is good. These camcorders give the best picture quality and give the least problems when it comes to getting video off the camera and onto your computer for editing. Look at both Panasonic and JVC models, something with a reasonable zoom, you don't need DV in if you are going to use a computer to output to DVD, a socket for an external mic (useful - but not that important when starting out), a good size lcd screen - 3 inches if possible, widescreen (if you have a widescreen tv, get it, if not leave it), easy access to the main controls, on a 400 to 500 dollar camera you will be accessing menus to operate the more advanced controls, it's just something you have to get used to. If you can find a camera with manual focus get that, at least you can switch off the auto focus as it can be easily fooled into focusing onto the wrong area or subject and out of focus pictures is amateurish. Try and leave some money for a carrying bag, tape head cleaner and some lens tissues. You can find an old soft clean cloth in your home to wipe of rain drops, dust, sweat if you have been holding the camera for a long time.

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