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Thread: Help with video capture/editing SW

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    Lightbulb Help with video capture/editing SW

    I am currently a Pinnalce Studio v. 9 user. I have a Sony DV deck DSR-11 connected via Firewire to a windows XP computer. I use it for capturing large amounts of video, editing it, and then converting to Windows media format.

    With Pinnacle Studio my complaint is the stability and that it takes really long to render. I am looking for a new product that has the following:

    1. Stable (should be able to render in quickest time possible)
    2. Basic editing features (nothing fancy, just simple title, overlays, etc.)
    3. Capture video in MPEG format (since its is smaller and less processing than DV-AVI)

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I would definitely stop using Windows Media Format, isn't that the one you use if you are putting video onto the Internet, correct me if I'm wrong. Unless you have a really low powered computer then I would start using Microsoft DV-AVI 2 files all the time. The quality leaves other codecs in the dust. Only use mpeg for final output (it is highly compressed again compared to AVI) when burning an edited movie onto DVD. Adobe Premiere Elements 2 (APE2) will do all you need and is very cheap, around 60 pounds Sterlling or around 90 to 95 Euros. It will allow you to capture, edit and output in a number of formats. It is also very stable and can be used with Adobes other products with no problems. What is the spec of your computer setup just out of curiosity and was the DV deck expensive?

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    The DV-Deck was for around $2000.

    I need to distribute the videos through the internet which is why I render them to .WMV files as it is the most widely used format and compressed.

    The specs of my computer are 2.8 Ghz, 1GB RAM, Hard drive - 250 GB.

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