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    I know very little about digital camcorders. I recently used a friends digital camcorder to shoot some video and I am intersested in printing individual frames from the video that I took. Is this possible? What program would I need to accomplish this? Thanks for any help.

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    Most editors allow you to grab single frames and save them, I am pretty sure windows movie maker can do this and assuming you have xp you got that already.

    Have a look at that app first.

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    I looked at windows movie maker and I believe that I will be able to do what I want to using that. Thanks for the help. Steve

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    As long as you kept the camera still whilst recording you should get reasonable stills. Remember this is video which uses interleaved images - unless it's a HD camera - so you will get blurring, lines and artifacts in the image, so don't be disappointed with the low quality from your printouts. The resolution is also low at 72dpi compared to 300dpi (more detail in the pictures and therefore sharper prints) and above for good quality prints.

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    Nikosony highlights a typical problem of taking stills from interlaced video. Because the captured frame is actually made of two images, you'll need to apply a de-interlace filer to you image in order to discard one of the frames and get rid of what appears to be lines.

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