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    Default track motion help

    i've just started messing with track motion...its pretty cool.

    i am trying to move a title horizontally across the screen and i have pretty much done it but the movement is kinda jerky.

    is there a trick to make it move smoothly?

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    If I understand right, you most likely have multiple points for the track motion, try just two.

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    thanks! when should i use multiple points? for directional changes?

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    The keypoints that DH means are the points at which movement starts and stops. The most likely explanation for a jerky movement though is this, If your preview pane is set to best quality rather than draft or good, the memory usage shoots up and causes it to appear jerky. In final render, it should be fine. DH is correct though, if you're just moving from A to B, just use two keyframes, one at the start and one at the end.

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    thanks for your help guys

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