I am looking for either a software or hardware based consol that will allow me to do the following in REAL TIME - No rendering time is a must. I have seen DJ's use such systems. I did a seach on software and came up with a bunch of garbage that hardly worked

1) Add Cool Effects - not crappy wipes, etc
2) Mix Multi sources - more then two would be nice
3) Que up digital clips
4) Blue/Green Screen
5) Some sort of scrubing ability
6) Perhaps a midi control to activate sequences and match lighting to video.
Example - video is of water - blue lights would accompany the sequence. Sort of like the Phillips TV with the backlight.

I looked at a few Edirol products

My goal is to create some sort of touchscreen video mixing system for live shows that will allow me to mix video as you would audio using a playlist, etc. I would prefer a software based solution.

Thank you

Sean Fleck
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