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    I recently bought the Activation code after using the tryout version of Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. Unfortunately, I ran into a BIG problem. The trial has expired and I want to activate it. Unfortunately, when I open the program, it reads "Trial Expired" and I can't find a way to open the window where I post my serial and activation code! (The "Try" button is disabled and I tried pushing all the buttons on the window but nothing works!) Can someone please help me?
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    Keygen is NOT something you get with a legal product. Keygen is a program used by crackers to get around having a real number. Is this what you have? Where did you buy this.

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    I didn't mean Keygen. I meant the activation key. I got a bit mixed up there

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    The activation key is something you can get if you actually buy the program.
    A keygen is a program made by crackers to generate an activation key ilegally.

    So, if u want to have the activation key of PP 1.5, u have to purchase the product first.

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    Just uninstall the program. When you re-install it you will probablybe told that the trial is out but there you will get a chance to put in your registration number.

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