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Thread: Some auto and moto (trailer) style vids

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    Default Some auto and moto (trailer) style vids

    Hey all.

    I've been putting together videos of my track season this year (and other stuff). Have a look! and enjoy... or not!

    Sorry that they're youtube links. I don't have any hosting space right now and it's the most accessible option available. So the video quality is a little uhm, compressed. But give'm a chance.

    The first one centers around a little battle I had with a Honda RC51 (I think you guys call them VTR's in the UK)

    This one I put together for some friends who happened to be at the same trackday I was filming. I had limited footage of them, so thats why it comes across as a bit sparse.

    This one was a vintage car race weekend I attended.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Um well i watched them. I liked some of the stuff you did for the editing.

    1 thing in the first video being that you were in that same camera angle for so long i started to get bored.

    2 the other 2 videos were better because of the face you changed the angles a bit so that way it wasnt boring but its a nice start keep it up.
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    Just watched the first one - cool. Camera was nicely placed - rpm, mph and the brake m cycl. Liked the music and the edit but it is going to be a bit long for non bike addicts.

    I am impressed you rinsed the 1000cc v twin on your gsxr 600, maybe cos the circuit looked very tight ?

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    Hey thanks guys. I knew the length of the first one was going to get criticized. It *was* originally intended for a "moto" audience. Just thought I'd throw it out there for others. I kept that particular shot uncut to show the chase and the pass as that was the center point of the video. I do realize it gets boring but was torn with editing it for fear of destroying the timeline. If I cut then viewers might think the different cuts were different laps. But I totally agree it's too long for a general audience. If I were submitting that particular vid for anything but fun I would definitely re-edit it.


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