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Thread: problem to burn VCD from MPEG -1, VHS to VCD

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    Default problem to burn VCD from MPEG -1, VHS to VCD

    hi friend,

    i have some tourist video inmy cam corder and through cpture card
    (winfast PVR)
    i download it MPEG-1 format in my computer

    now i want to make VCD for burning i am using nero cd burning software
    while burning process it says this is not valid VCD format and it has to be encoded

    **** problem is here, IT takes LOT of time to encode in VCD format ***

    if i cpture it in VCD format , using capture card , MOVIE quality is not as good as MPEG-1 format

    is there any idea how to solve this problem ???????

    is there any format which i can "Rename" and make good quality VCD without encoding/transcoding??????

    or is there any software for transcoding only from MPEG-1 to good VCD ???

    or any other suggesting for making good VCD ???

    other thing i want to know , PAL-NTSC makes any different ????

    i want use this VCD internationally

    please send some suggestion on this matter please

    i also tried nerovision expreess 3.5, it transcode fast from MPEG-1 but VCD movie is not smooth


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    Nero is not the best for encoding vcd.

    download tmpgenc and use this to produce your vcd mpeg, then use nero to burn.

    It is free to use for mpeg1 including vcd and offers many settings to help get the best quality.

    There are also tutorials on the net for this app, so learning the best way to use it should not be a problem.

    If you have a mini-DV camcorder, capture using firewire to a DV-AVI file and then convert with tmpgenc and this will give you much better results.

    Consider authoring a DVD aswell because there may be vcd playback problems with some players. Keep a copy of the MPEG1 version on cd so if there is no player available, then it will be possile to playback in a PC or mac.

    Use NTSC format because most every PAL player will play NTSC anyway.
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