Hi to everybody out there able to help. I am a complete newbie to video editing. I am using the Presto 5 for the video editing - but do not yet have the DVD suite but DO have SonicDVD for burning. I am just having difficulty putting everything together. I can capture OK. I can add music but not fade in and out even though I have tried. I am also unable to do/understand how to put scrolling credits at the beginning and end of my movie. Even trying to get rid of the first few frames I seem unable to do. I go to Edit and Select None and then follow the help - but still I don't appear to be getting anywhere. :( PLEASE does anybody know of a tutorial which will 'talk' me through the editing of the film to the final stage. I have adequate speed and storage so there's no problem in that direction.
I look forward to somebody's help - especiall y as I have my first grandchild to put on DVD. I will be away for a couple of weeks so if somebody DOES reply, then I will not be able to thank you dor 2 weeks. THANKS to eveybody who runs/help/advises on this site. Cheers. Magz