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Thread: Need advice in changing mobo

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    Default Need advice in changing mobo

    Hi guys!

    Around 2 months ago my mobo experienced short circuit and after further effort to repair (twice at different repair center), the verdict was still the same: The mobo can no longer be used. So, I'm currently thinking of buying a new mobo, hopefully with a newer technology in it (I bought my last mobo 2,8 years ago), that will be compatible with my other hardwares

    FYI, my computer specs are:

    - Intel Pentium 4C (HT) 2.4GHz Processor, 800Mhz bus, and a 512KB L2-Cache
    - 2 x Corsair 256MB DDR XMS 3200 400Mhz Memory(s) (Dual-Channel Configured)
    - 2 x 80GB 7200rpm Maxtor Hard Disks set in Raid 0 with PROMISE Hardware Raid Controller
    - 1 x 200GB 7200rpm Seagate SATA Hard Disk
    - ATI Radeon 9600 Pro Graphic Card, 128MB (Dual Display support)

    My old Mobo is a Intel 865PERL Motherboard which supports dual-channel and SATA Raid. But it's not important anymore isn't it?

    Any suggestion about the new mobo?

    Been thinking about upgrading some things aside changing the motherboard, (adding a couple new memory maybe?) but 2 days ago, found a used 2 15 inch LCD with a single stand integrated each other with a (very) low price (currently, I'm using a single 19 inch Monitor which is veeery big and takes tooooo much space). Very tight on budget, so maybe i'll go with the double LCD.

    In addition, I also need an advice about setting the video drive, OS drive, etc. I'm currently setting my single 200GB SATA disk into 2 partition: 1 partition for the OS & the app, the other for storage (finished project, pictures, college documents,etc). While the two 80GB Raid 0 configured disks are set to be the video drive (used to capture from my miniDV Camcorder. No dropped frames till today). Is this good?

    For all the comments, answers and advices, I give you my forward thank's.
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    The only advice I can give you is make sure your new mobo has an AGP and not the new PCIe, unless you are going to upgrade your' vid card.

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    partioning of a single drive will not make any difference in the level of performance, SATA drive are currently the fastest. best practice is to have one small drive for the OS, one for RAW video and general storage and one to write editied video to.

    As said above, PCI express is on most of the new boards. and most have the newer processor socket (unless you happend to buy a socket 775 processor)
    If your not a gamer, then the top of the line card wont be your thing, so you could be paying a few quid for a new GPU. worst off you could be buying a new processor. if I was to suggest a new one it would be the core 2 duo 6600.

    When you buy a new board, dont forget to check out the RAM alot of DDR2 now.
    The 975X seams to be one of the lastest around.
    If you can get the 965, which should fit your old hardware, then you will be looking at a 15-30% perfromance gain than the older chipsets.
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    MB advice:

    Buy ASUS.

    Next question.
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