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Thread: adobe certification ?

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    Default adobe certification ?

    iam considering becoming adobe certified . anyone can tell me how this wil help me in my career path ? and how helpful are , , etc exam preps are for becoming adobe certified and anyone has any exam prep sites preference for these exams . i will appreciate all responses

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    As an acid test, I entered the search term "adobe certified" into arguably the UK's largest employment site, reed. Not one job came up. I then entered the same term intio guardian jobs, perhaps the place for media jobs in the UK. Again, no results returned.

    I think the crux of the matter is that you can know "how" to use software, but that doesn't indicate how creative you are.

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    I've asked a few people about it - and most say that to be an ACE in just one product is a watse of time - but to be an ACE in video or web etc is very useful..

    Ive been lucky enough to get my boss to pay for me to do it - I belive its quite expensive to sit all of the exams, but I would say its definitly worth doing...

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