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Thread: DVD Architect 3.0: Menus + video too large

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    Default DVD Architect 3.0: Menus + video too large

    I created, prepared and burned a DVD using Sony DVD architect 3.0c (build 133).

    Whether I set the video resolution to NTSC 720x480 or 352x240, the image size is magnified such that the edges of the screen are cut off. My menus are cut off a bit on all sides, and the video image is magnified. Everything looked OK in the Preview and when I play the DVD on the computer. I doubt it is just my DVD player and TV because I've never had this issue before with other DVDs.

    Has anyone experienced this problem? Or do you have a suggestions for what the problem might be? I appreciate your help.


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    OK, it turns out that the image wasn't too large, but that I placed menu items outside the Action and Title Safe Areas. A beginners mistake, especially when DVD Architect warns you about these problems before you prepare for burning.

    If this thread serves no educational purpose then please feel free to delete it, mods.

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