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    Avid Xpress (which I purchased, and failed to work out how to use! Or rather, I could not import any of my mpeg data into it.) has a stabiliser tool that can make shaky videos look as if they were taken on a steadicam, perhaps. That is one of the reasons why I purchased Avid. On their site they have footage of a surfer being filmed by another person in the water and making the shaking video of the surfer appear as if it were taken from a tripod rather than a swimmer.

    Is there any stabilizer function inside Vegas?
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    Why not try a freeware alternative and combine VirtualDub with DeShaker?

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    I used virtual dub a bit before I downloaded the trials of ulead's thing and vegas movie studio. Ulead's thing is naff. Vegas is very cool. Beats the pants off virtual dub, which does not have a time line.

    If the deshaker were integrated into vegas then YES, but I don't like to use virtual dub. Its rendering is unpredictable.

    I think that it is not GPL and there are an elite crowd of people that are giving it away free, but yet want to keep it for themselves so it does not advance as fast as a GPLed software.

    But what about jakahaka or somesuch? Do you know the one I mean? I have not tried it out.

    Anyway, the stability and multiple time lines of Vegas (or even Vegas Movie Studio) are so nice that I do not want to execute virtual dub.

    Anyway, is there no stabiliser in Vegas (even the full-on pro version)?


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    V dub is a different type of app from vegas. Vegas is an editor and v dub is a processor and the two shouldnt really be compared.

    Also one is free....

    There is no deshaker in vegas and I do not think there is one available as a plug in. I have occasionally used the deshaker in v dub and it works fine, however I rarely use it and only really when quality of the picture is not that important because any deshaker will ruin the quality of the picture.

    Last time I used it was when I hand held the camera in a car on the m way and wanted to speed up the action 50 times or so. The loss of quality was less even deshaken cos the speeded up original footage was too blurred by the cmaera motion.

    For everyday use i say a deshaker is not usefull. Get a tripod, aviod zoom, use a wide angle lens when hand held, practice your stance, get a shoulder mount camera.

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    Aren't the video FX in Vegas basically the same as the filters in Virtual dub?
    About the only one I have used so far is brightness and contrast!

    But this clip explain Avid Xpress' video stabilizer made me go ooh and ahh, and purchase it (the academic package is quite reasonably priced, but as I say, I can't open mpegs)
    Jump to 1:42 where the narrator says "here is the finished result, stabilised, automatically Zoomed, crystal clear, fast and easy."

    I may have budget to purchase a steadicam.

    All the gear and no idea.
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