I have just built myself a new computer. 3800mhz, 2gb ram, 350gb sata h/d, 256mb Pny 7600GT PCI express card. I reinstalled Vegas 6 and there seem to be issues where there were none before.
I do two things on my new computer (not this one) - I play my Flight simulator and I make video's. The problem is that the new computer, although much faster and smoother, seems to require different settings to get the same results as my older computer. For instance, I tried to capture some footage from my camera and it defaulted to 'capture from tape'. I am convinced that I used to 'capture video' before. I now also have 'crunchy' sound on capture but, when the footage is played back, - Good sound!

So, my question........Do I capture from my DV cam onto Vegas 6 using 'capture video' or 'capture tape'?

Next question........What's the issue with the crunchy sound on capture, yet the sound being fine when played back as captured video?

Another.............why does the footage from my FX1 look perfect but the footage captured from my HC24E needs serious deinterlacing? How do I mix the two if I can only set the properties of Vegas 6 in one mode?

I know - lot's of questions! Answer the one's you can!