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    There is no information on your site about your background in video / films. Would you be able to provide our community with a background of your experiences and why amateurs such as ourselves would benefit from your training?

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    Yes Digital Director good point. I have been in graphics and computing from before the days of IBM computers. I was using Video capture cards in the late 1980s, black and white stills, then 3 colour stills. Then amazingly video.
    I have taught electrical enginnering, process control and early CAD. Since Jan 2000 I have been teaching video whilst editing and DVD production.

    The links in the first posting are FREE downloads, that explain the BASICS.
    Our target audience are school teachers, who need all the help they can get. Hence we have another web site again with lots of free resources. Again the BASIC 2 documents, and other documents that teachers need over and above such as how to ASSESS video.
    Hope this allows FREE access to your readers to what are a pair of useful docments for beginners. Any comments on those would be appreciaited;
    All the best
    Ron Belshaw
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    I scanned through this one http://www.digitalvideoforbeginners....1905415168.pdf as you asked, not proof read.

    I found a couple of errors. There is some confusion between bits - b , and bytes B and also it says that an electron gun fires one elctron to make a phosphor glow, when actually it is gadzillions.

    If you are touting this as an educational resource it is really importnat to gat all these things corrected or the resource and all your other work is unlikely to be seen as reliable.

    The content looks good to me, well explained in a very basic way, probably reflecting the target markets expectations.

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    Hi im only 16 and I'm a beginner, but I want to make a living from video. I can use windows movie maker (even though it sucks), adobe premier elements, and adobe premier plus. Heres a video I made in 2 hours on windows movie maker. It's nothing special but watch it, rate it, and enjoy it.

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    Default DV4Beginners

    Your link on YouTube appears to have been hi-jacked by You Tube as your link takes me to Mortal Combat clips, none of which have your name on them.

    If you can supply an accurate link I would be pleased to view it and reply

    Ron Belshaw


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