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    Hy, I'm creating a Dvd video in PAL, have I to interlace the video (upper field first) to play on tv without problems? Or have I to leave the video as progressive?

    so what is the right setting? thanks

    edit - last question - what menas m frames/b frames in the bottom of the secondo jpg?
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    sorry I fond this reply, is still reliable?

    where Crusty says:
    "As far as interlaced or progressive, only interlaced is guaranteed playable on all DVD players. Most modern players can also handle progressive and will convert the video to interlaced for standard TV sets, since that's the only thing they can handle. Newer monitor type TV sets can use progressive scan, but for overall compatibility, stick with interlaced"

    cause I found this too...

    where Vegasarian said:
    "As Mark suggested I would always render in progressive for DVD especially if you're taking snapshots from the video (with bliurred action). If you render these with lower or upper field first you will get horrendous jitter on the DVD. You wont notice this on your comp but you certainly will on a TV."

    so what I have to do? thanks...
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