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    Say I wanted to take a clip of two people talking and make one of the people appear in black and white, just the person and the rest would appear in color. Can you do that in Sony Vegas 6? Would I have to edit each frame? God, I hope not.

    Thanks for any input.


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    You have to do this in a 2-shot?.

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    It's a clip from a TV show and I want to be able to make one of the characters black and white. I've seen people do it before with Vegas but I could never figure out how they did it.

    (I'm sorry, did you think I meant something I was shooting with a camera? That's my fault, I wasn't being very specific.)

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    B/W with vegas - Click insert effect, one of the icons next to the track name, click on effect 'sont black and white', adjust to suit. Job done.

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    Thanks Mark! I'm still trying to get used to this program. I'll prolly ask some really obvious questions and you'll shake your head at them at times, but I really appreciate any help.

    Okay, do I choose cutaway section? Then how do I select which portion of the screen I want B/W?
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    Nevermind! I figured it out.

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    Then I think that you should share the way how to do it!

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    LOL! I'm sorry!

    It's done with masking. Masking can be done in the pan/crop window. You have to duplicate the track then mask the object or person in the parent track that you want B/W, then in the child track mask what you want to stay color.

    Is that right guys? I'm not very good at explaining things. :(


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