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Thread: Honest opinions :)

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    Smile Honest opinions :)

    Hey all, I'm new here and in my intro post it says that I only edit video not make them. I use Sony Vegas 6 and most of my vids are done with clips from the TV show LOST (I havent moved up yet to making my own). I want to improve myself and I've been reading tutorials.

    Can you guys watch this and tell me what I could have done to make it better with editing, transitions, ect. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut.

    It's embedded on a webpage, so just press play.

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    Hey looks good to me

    I would of concentrated more on kate, but thats only because i am a bloke. Nicely put together, worked with the music well. Transitions worked well also, in my opinion stay away from spinning doors and preset transitions it tends to make the video look a bit cheap.

    Hope this helps
    DUDE were's my car

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    other than being a practice piece of editing is there a point to this? im not trying to be rude i just dont understand

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    Koma - a bit harsh I thought.

    Much of my stuff is done using 'found video' and it is good practive as it can focus you oon the process of editing and the restrictions and getting round them can mean you learn fast.

    I tht this was well done a cleverly executed - all the dissapearing people I am sure was not in the original video and I could barely see the joins. I really liked it as a honage to a tv show - although it isnt one I have seen.

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    FNG, I agree, the transitions are a bit choppy at times. I still need to learn about smoothness in the transitions, but i'm getting better. Thanks for your honest opinion. LOL...I don't blame you for wanting to see more Kate, she's a pretty girl. But I'm a big Sawyer fan, so sometimes I get a little carried away...LMAO!

    Komatoast, I'm trying to learn how to use Sony Vegas. No point in filming stuff if I don't have any knowledge of how to use my editing program. As for a point, I didn't post this vid to make a point, I posted it so I could get some feedback on how I can improve my editing skills. I came here for some expert advice.

    Mark, I'm glad you liked it. Yes, the fading characters was NOT originally in the show. I had to add that myself with photoshop CS. It's not perfect, but like you said it's not very noticeable. I wasn't about to edit each frame just for a practice video, so I just snapped a frame and editing her out then faded the picture into the clip. But in something else, I would definitely go the extra mile and effort.

    If anybody else watches this, honesty is very welcome. I need some constructive criticism.

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    no no... im sorry i wansn't trying to be mean or rude... i agree its a good way to learn, i just thought that you were making it for a particular reason other than learning- some people do......

    im sorry i if offended you.

    (maybe a bit of shit stiring there mark!)

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    I wasn't offended. I started out just making those kinds of videos but now I want to do my own. But I suck at Vegas :( No offense taken,

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    Koma - shit stirring - no, I tht the vid was impressive, really. I have no reason to stir anything.

    F4L - you most certainly do not suck at vegas - no one sucks, some people are just at different points on the learning curve and I think you are further along than you realise. Those people dissapearing were very well done and I had to look very closely to 'see the joins'. That is NOT an easy thing to do and required some clever lateral thinking, a methodical approach and a lot of effort.

    A non editor, a non hyper critical viewer would be unlikely to have seen the joins.

    If I had done that I would have been very pleased with the result and I have been chewing on vegas for over 4 years.

    I dont think you need to be so humble. I think you are ahead of the pack.

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    Thanks Mark! Yur sweet! I was very proud of the fade outs. My big probelm was how unsteady it felt. I've been toying with Vegas a lot and I'm finding that with a little extra effort, and some more's starting to look and feel better. It just takes some practice.

    Thanks again everyone for yur feedback. I really appreciate it.

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    That must have been tough getting all the copyright permission to put this on the Internet.

    Well I have never seen the show, but it looks interesting, nice dissolves…

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