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Thread: What Audio Editor

  1. Default What Audio Editor

    I have a camera which introduces some high pitched whine into the audio. I would like to keep using the camera and edit the audio with a low pass filter.

    Using Vegas Movie Studio, I see that there is an option to open audio in the audio editor but I find that there is no audio editor.

    I tried specifying Audacity as the editor but it could not cope with the audio format.

    Do I have to buy Sound Forge (or rather its cheaper version) as well?

    Fxeditor seems to be cheaper and adequate for my purposes at 40 USD.
    Goldwave may well deal with ADPCM too at 50 CAD.
    Sound Forge Audio Studio at 70 USD

    Are there any free solutions?

    The audio that I want to edit is "IMA ADPCM" apparently. I don't know what that means. I don't even know if Sound forge will deal with it. Will it?

    I could render the audio chanel as mp3 or ogg, edit it with Audacity and then reimport to Vegas but that sounds a bit longwinded.

    Your suggestions will be gratefully recieved.
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    Goldwave works well with Vegas and not too expensive. Theres an evaluation copy here...

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    Thanks very much for your reply.

    Goldwave looks cool too. And I am pro Canadian.

    Also, I checked out wavepad (for me the other famous free audio editor after Audacity) and found that in the free (not "master") version at least the ADPCM files of my Casio camera are not supported.

    So...Goldwave may be the way to go but, since it is only about 30 dollars cheaper than the Sony solution (Sound Forge cheapo version) I think that I will go with that. I will download the trial version first to make sure that it copes with ADPCM.

    Either way, if anyone knows other cheaper solutions please do contintue to post since it is a little steep that the sony audio editor is almost the same price as the sony video editor, thus almost doubling the price of the package.

    I wish that there were a little bit of a discount, a package containing both editors but that does not seem to be.

    In any event, Sony Vegas Movie Studio (and no doubt the pro, Vegas version) is a superb piece of software. Well done Sony!

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  4. Default Goldwave

    I had a look at Sony's audio studio and at Goldwave, and found the latter to be preferable.

    The sony interface is nicer and the show me how is still there (with audio I am not sure I need to be shown how) but Goldwave seems to have more features.

    I am going to have to ask on the forums but I could not find a way of removing noise *using a sample of the noise* using Sony's product. It had a automatic noise removal tool which removed my voice as well. Goldwave on the other hand allows you to copy a bit of the audio which is all noise (where there is no speech) to the clipboard, and use the contents of the clipboard as a basis for 'that which must be removed.' Audacity's sound removing tool also allows one to select some noise.

    I did not see a low pass fillter in teh sony product - only an envelope (perhaps the same thing in effect) and a graphic equaliser.


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    I think you may have a fault on you camera. No camera should cause a whine that is intrusive.

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    Yes, there is something wrong with my camera. I broke it. Or rather I am just about to break the second one.

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    You're a brave man!!!
    If you need help in the future and you're in Tokyo - I spend a lot of time working in Japan and I've found the engineering guys in NHK's main studio complex at Shibuya - ku very accomodating!

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    I have taken possesion of a new one (did you read to the end? I destroyed the first. and plan to open the case as soon as my new soldering iron arrives If the guys in Shibuya would do it for me that would be great but...for me...down in Yamaguchi.

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    Like I're a brave man!! (Think thats the right adjective).Guddorakku!!!

  10. Default Editing Audio

    I am still having problems editing audio using both Goldwave and and AudioStudio.

    I can't seem to do any audio editing withing Sony Vegas Movie Studio. In my inemptitude, I can't even change the volume of a clip (only the whole track).

    But I can usually open in Goldwave, decrease the volume, save it and close Goldwave and the clip volume is reduced. This has worked very well.

    However, this time I go to save and it says "File cannot be saved in its original type. Please save using a different type." If I do that -save using a different type- then of course, the sound clip in Vegas is unafffected. I have no idea why.

    Perhaps.the clip that I am trying and failing to save in the same format is one that I have created by snipping/slicing (the s key) a clip from my camera, and perahps it was only "whole" clips that could be saved in the same format. Complete guess.

    I tried setting the audio editor back to Sony Sound Forge AudioStudio (i.e. the cheapo version of sound forge) and the problem was more radical. When I go to save the clip, an error message appears.
    "An error occured during the current operation.
    An exception has occured"
    and there is a button for details, which there are a lot of but I do not seem to be able to copy the details.

    But then, I tried doing the same thing again, (changing the volume) and it went okay. And then I open another clip and try an mute a bit, the error is back.
    Urk. It is a good job that this is just a movie of my walking my dogs. If this were form my job and these sort of errors occured it would be a real pain.

    Perhaps I am short of system resources. I am on a 2.66GHz with 1GB of ram.

    I would prefer to be able to do basic audio editing within the video editor. Perhaps Vegas 7 allows this.

    > Guddorakku!!!



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