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    Hi, I'm working on a video where I create the routes we all took to get to our destination.

    I have painted the routes on the picture and overlayed the cars and the plane, now I want to overlay the train, but I couldn't find a good picture of a train, bu I found a slight funny picture of a train, so I got the idea to animate the train, on the y axis and maybe a skew action on the x axis.
    And I would like to make the train animation and then loop it in the composistion to match the route.
    The reason is that I would like to avoid setting all the keys for the animation, allthough the train anim is only about 4-5 seks.

    I'm I making any sence here?


    never mind, it hit me, I could just create a new composistion and do a 1sec anim. and copy/paste it for the duration I need.
    and the end result wasn't as amusing as I first thought it would be.
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