Hi. I'm wondering if anyone can help.

I tried out my recently purchased used Sony PD150 (Operation Hours - 30 x 10h, Drum Run - 11 x 10H, Tape run - 7 x 10H, Threading - 42 x 10H) for sound last night as it didn't come with a mic. While it's recording audio fine (I tried playing the tape back on a different deck) the sound intermittently cuts out when playing back through the camera itself and glitches on Avid. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this might be?

Just noticed that in the TAPE SET sub-menu, under REC MODE we had it set to DVCAM rather than DV SP though we were using a Mini DV tape...Could that have affected anything?
On the VCR SET sub-menu it's fixed at NTSC PB with the options of ON PAL TV and NTSC 4.43. Does this ring true?
Also just noticed on the bottom it says 'complies with Canadian ICES-003'.

Apologies if all this is irrelevant but I'm getting worried that i've bought a camera for the other side of the Atlantic and that it won't work here...

Anyway, I'm thinking of contacting the guy who sold it to me but if anyone's got any suggestions that can shed any light - or sound - on the situation they would be massively appreciated.

Thanks, Karl