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Thread: Simulate fish-eye lens with software?

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    Default Simulate fish-eye lens with software?

    I googled and searched this forum, but I couldn't find anything that will render your footage as if it was shot using a fish-eye lens. I tried looking for a plugin for VirtualDub, because that's where I capture my original footage with. Does anybody know of a way to simulate this?

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    It is possible to make a wide kind of effect using spherize or bulge in after effects.
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    the bulge will give a kind of fisheye effect but cannot match to the real thing as a fisheye lens enables you to see more - super wide angle. if you have a small dv cam you can get a snap on semi fisheye for about 20 from jessops, i have one and its ace - just wish they were as cheap for my xm1! :(

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    Thanks for the info. I realise you'll lose a lot of quality if you wanna take a standard-lens recording and using sperhize/bulge to simulate a fish-eye lens... but it's better than nothing!

    I guess I should be looking for that snap-on lens, sounds cheap and if it does the trick, I'm a happy man!

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