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Thread: losing audio on dvd projects

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    Default losing audio on dvd projects


    I'm a bit of a newbie when it come to this.... so please bear with me.....
    I think i've got an oddball situation.

    I've just got myself a Hauppauge WinTV card and have started to capture some stuff off old vids....
    great, mpeg2 with mpeg 1 layer 2 audio........ all good so far.....

    now i want to put then onto dvd..... i've looked at the tutorials on the board for ulead moviemaker...... so i tried that.... opened a project, dropped my mpeg movie clips in..... and checked the preview.... again all good.

    But when i burn the disk i've lost all audio....

    I thought it was a bit odd so managed to get my hands on DVDit.... tried this (much nicer bit of software) and again, all cool on the preview...... but when i burn..... no audio at all....

    Has anyone heard anything about this??

    Any help would be appreciated.....

    (t is however quite possible and i have overlooked some mega-basic fact)

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    Try using uncompressed audio. NTSC players sometimes don't take kindly to MPEG layer II audio.
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    thanks for the "heads up"

    just one question.......
    how would i uncompress the audio?????

    I guess i'll have to find an app that'll rip the audio off my mpeg... and then re-sync it, in the dyd-authoring software

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    TMPGenc will let you do this.
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