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    Question Anyone know the answer to

    In Photoshop, if you take a standard photo, taken off a standard (or any) camera
    and place it on a canvas of an ordinary everyday, all shop selling SIZE, it can't be scaled up to fit exactly?

    This doesn't make sense because every photo developer offers sizes such as-

    5 x 7inch 6 x 8 inch 8 x 12 inch, but yet photoshop will not allow a photo to be scaled exactly to these sizes!

    To me, this makes no sense. A standard photo developer can print at these sizes while keeping the exact photo ratio, and photo shop can not!

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    photoshop will let you scale to whatever size... if you go to edit, image size then uncheck maintain aspect ratio it will do it. however this will likely make your image look out of proportion.

    the photo places get it right cos they will crop the image then scale it, they wont just scale it up.

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    Yes, cropping is the key. Please don't do what appears to be normal these days and stretch the picture way out of proportion. I see this everywhere now with the average folk doing their own web sites and other media. People just stretch the picture to fit whatever size frame they need and you see people with fat head everywhere or really skinny tall people. Drives me crazy!

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    I have got the whole sizing photo's as well as cropping them pretty down pat,
    Now that i do understand how photo sizes works, it really just set the alarm bells ringing when my partner as well as her mum proved me wrong by using a machine generated photo lab
    (what ever the bloody things are called that are everywhere now) and had certain normal, everywhere advertised, photo sizes made of their photo's, But once i tried to use the exact same photo's and scale to those sizes, it obviously didn't work, they needed to be cropped as well. Hence an even more alarming question- How do these machines size and crop, and do it with out it appearing that theirs any of the photo missing?

    Doesn't add up to me!

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    i would say this is a magic machine

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    With a lot of little magic brothers and sisters out their!

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