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Thread: After Affects... HELP needed ASAP!!!

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    Default After Affects... HELP needed ASAP!!!

    This program is pissing me the hell off. I have a homework assignment due tomorrow and I can't get anything done. I'm totally new to the program. I have read the help but still can't get no where.

    What I have to do is create a 30 sec animation. But Whenever I try to preview something it takes so freaking long and it won't preview all the way. Whatever I'm trying to preview will stop like halfway through. I have disk/ram cache on. Everything's really frustrating the hell outta me. I had a solid w/an effect, I move the effect's keyframe marks to later in the the timeline where i'd like it to occur. I try to preview it to see if it's coming out correctly and what do I get? I get a preview that took long as hell to load for just 10 seconds of the 30, with the effect looking like it started from the beginning of it and then the video stops in the middle of it while the timeline cursor continues moving as if it were playing.

    What am I doing wrong if anything? What should I do? I've got less than 12 hrs to complete this assignment.

    My specs are:
    Pentium 4 2.8GHz
    1.2 Gig of Ram
    ATI 9600 Pro
    Sound Blaster Audigy
    Two 80 gig HDs

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    Can anyone please offer me some help? This is the first graded assignment for the class.

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    i think you must have your preview on full res you can set it to much less so your ram preview can handle the full 30sec sequence.

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    yea, it was on full res. I decided to quit on that idea, and go with something as basic as it comes. I'm using moving illustrator images for it, instead of flashy backgrounds/transitions, etc... It's better to go in to class with something than nothing at all. I'll be picking up some more learning material on the product and also check back here if I have any problems.

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    the best way to learn AE is to play around with it and do a few tutorials. there are some good ones on or on the creative cow site - check them out, really usefull!

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    Have you tried clicking on Composition -> Preview -> RAM Preview, that will give you a faster playback or try pre-rendering which is also in the Composition drop down menu.

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    yea, i've done that. The thing is that I didn't realise that setting the resolution to half would allow more of the preview to be stored. Another thing is the problem I've been having with effects, which is when I would add an effect, it would stay there, it's like it wouldn't proceed through the preview or the render. So I'll be experimenting with it this weekend.

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    The key to previewing in AE is that it is a RAM preview. Once your ram is used up then that's it!

    The more ram you have for use by AE and you can pouch it quite high with the right Microsoft tweak, the more you can preview. Either way though, this does not stop a render from working and you can alway scrub to see your effect in action.

    Also, good advice given to me a few yesra ago is that you must give AE the attention it deserves. There is a learnign curve for this app that will take you months. So you should not rely on the app to meet any deadlines until you have put those hours in and know how to do at least the basics.

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