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    Hi. A question about Adobe Premier Pro.

    Does anyone know if it has the capability to edit a live video feed.


    As the Video is being displayed on the screen... I can add text and such to the screen.

    If it doesn't do it... what program does?

    Thanks guys.

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    altho i have never tried or even thought about doing this kind of thing i am pretty sure prem wont do this.

    i feel i would be easier to stick with an analogue setup with big buttons and a fade in/out lever - they are so cool!

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    I agree with komatoast this is a situation where you need a video mixer.

    There is a program called mediashout which will allow you to prepare all your text files and images ready for realtime output to screen or projector and these can be added in using the mixer

    I don't use this program, but I have a friend who uses it all the time and thinks it is great and probably the best of this type in his experience of doing this kind of thing.
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    Yeah i own media shout and its honestly awesome for stuff to prepare and do a whole run through. But doesnt do what i want.

    I think a video mixer is the only way to go about it :S.

    Would be great if there was something else though

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