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Thread: Yet another irritating newbie problem, this one with Liquid 6.0

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    Exclamation Yet another irritating newbie problem, this one with Liquid 6.0

    I'm trying to use Pinnacle Liquid 6.0. Everything seems to be going just boffo except for one small problem. None of my video shows up. Regardless of what format I use, when I try to play or preview or do anything with the video, the audio plays while a giant, ominous exclamation point sits in the screen where the video should be. I'm sure it's something very simple that I just havn't figured out, but that in no way dimishes the fact that it's driving me insane.

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    I'm afraid I probably won't be able to answer, but it would help if you could provide us with details on the source format of the videos.

    Were they downloaded from the internet or from a camcorder? What type of camcorder, and how did you connect this to your PC?
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    none of it works, unfortunately. I've tried dvd rips, avi, mpg, even raw mini dv footage. It won't read any of it. My guess would be that It's somehow not linking up some absolutely vital codec.

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    It is many years since I used Liquid but this doesn't seem right that it won't display DV, will it capture DV?
    Is it a trial version that has run out and disabled preview maybe.
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