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    On The Gadget show tonight

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    Just watched half this show (Channel 5, 19:30) and this pretty much sums up all that's wrong with these types of show. My main gripe is that they get confused over who they're picthing the show at. Now clearly it's a show aimed at young people that like their gadgets, but they go into technical jargon such as megawatsits and hypertextuality (I made this up, but I'm sure they wouldn't bat an eye lid if it was dropped in their script). So it's an inappropriate mix of trying to impress with technical terms and trying to meet the lowest common denominator.

    People don't need to know how many megapixels a camera, they just need to know why it's important (or not as the case may be). They bleeted on about a camera phone with 5 megawatsists and how fabulous it is. Didn't mention a word about the quality of the lens, why you'd need 5 MP and more importantly how stupidly large this image would be. The public need to be educated, not given a list of features show on the box.

    To re-enforce my point, they included a soundbite of someone saying, "does it record on miniDV, or is it mp3". It's all this technical jargon spouted by the manufacturers and repeated in the media that confuse the help out of us, the public. These programmes should be educating, not perpetuating the myths of the gadget manufacturers.

    Bring back tommorows world

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters View Post
    Bring back tommorows world
    I second that.
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    Indeed. Raymond Baxter RIP.

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