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Thread: music vid Jeremy Kyle wants banned

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    Default music vid Jeremy Kyle wants banned

    Hope this doesn't sound too up my own arse but I was recently involved in making this vid. Through a friend of a friend I was brought in as camera assist, love not money. As it was local(ish) I thought it would do no harm and to be honest, the band have got great tunes and being independent, got their act A1 together. Anyhow, they had the idea and attended a Jeremy Kyle show in Granada Studios for research, shocked at his attitude off camera towards the audience and guests, they decided to give it a go, ripping it for a song of theirs about cross dressing & sex change. The director who I can't name has recently told me 'the Jeremy Kyle show' are wanting to ban it because it makes the presenter the loser and hints at him being a secret cross dresser end scene. Jeremy has had some bad press of late. Think he's daft having a go at this lot as it's only very mildly taking the micky (i think). Check it out before it gets flattened @ usual turn off track playing in playlist and scroll down to vid to play. I think it's on youtube too??
    Then check out the spoof presenters idents @ and his profile site @ & .com it's all so well done (not just from us crew lot but the band we're so on it I must commend them, this is what bands should be doing for the little money they have stashed away).

    I was so chuffed at the results we got for the budget and think it worked out fine for them. Filmed in digi Beta, set put together by band & many favors!! You can find out more about us crew by contacting band site if you choose to or post here. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.


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    Ha, Kyle is a complete tosser so top marks for the spoof.

    Nicely done. Quite liked the song too. He aint got a chance of getting it banned but it was a very savvy move by the band to court such attention.

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    Excellent video, thanks for sharing it with us.

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    Default Cheers

    & thanks for checking it out. I'll keep you posted if they drag me to the court rooms as a witness!

    bye for now.

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