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Thread: Help with project, please

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    Exclamation Help with project, please

    I'm doing a project for personal use (a gift) and the introductory part will have to illustrate beautiful things in life.

    Could you please help me find short video clips for this topic? A blooming flower, blue sky, a
    smiling child, etc. etc. The clips should preferably be DV, MPEG or WMV, in acceptable resolution
    (at least 352x288... they'll end up on a DVD), just a couple of seconds long, sound doesn't matter. Copyright doesn't matter also, since it's just for personal use.

    I hope you understand. Thanks a lot!

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    It's hi-res but there maybe something in it for you, help yourself.
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    Our wonderfull bbc has what you need I suspect.

    God save the beeb I say, still ad free after all these years and providing new stuff all the time...

    Try the prelinger archive too also advert free, thankfully, not that I am going on about ads, bit ooee they get in my nerves.

    Also feel free to knick stuff off my advert free web site.

    My woolacombe film might have some stuff in-

    This is all pretty nature stuff -

    Footage of festival fun-

    They might do the job, and all advert free... (calm down now mark)

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    Now what would I be without you, guys? You saved my day, I was sick of downloading from the Prelinger archives for days and then find out it was just a low-res b/w clip... Now I almost got what I wanted, from the clips you kindly offered me. Thanks a lot!

    Oh, and about the BBC archive, I can't download any of the clips because the computer fairy tells the site that I'm from outside the UK...

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