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Thread: Video/Audio Synching Nightmare

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    Angry Video/Audio Synching Nightmare

    Essentially, I'm trying to make "music videos". I've tried a variety of programs (ulead 9.0, adobe premiere, windows movie maker) and I've run into the same issue with all of them. Issues, plural, really. When previewing the video, the audio track doesn't match with the video track if I fast forward at all. If I move forward 5 minutes in the video, the music has only gone forward about 30 seconds so all the timing is wildy off and so on. This is rather inconvinent when working on a large project as I have to manually sync things.

    The second problem may be related to the first. When importing mp3 songs, in some cases, a lot of extra length is added onto them as silence for no reason that I can see. For example, a 3 minute song when being played through winamp becomes 8 minutes long when imported into ulead or windows movie maker. The first 3 minutes are there, but after that, 5 minutes or so of silence appear. Both of these problems persist on several problems and on two different computers.

    On the one I'm using currently, I have two gigs of ram and a 2.0 ghz processor. My graphics card is an ATI x1600 with 256 megs.

    I am currently running norton anti-virus, which I understand can do all sorts of screwy and unfortunate things to a computer. The reason I bring it up is that it's the only common factor between the computer I was using previously and the one I'm using now.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I would say that your problem is the compression used on the audio and or the video. Convert the mp3s to uncompressed WAV files first. You may also need to convert the video files to a less compressed format too.

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    I am guessing that you have multiple Mp3 files and your own video files to go with the music. If you are ripping the files from cd then try a different constant high bitrate mp3 or best of all as Marc says convert or rip to wav. The lame mp3 codec can cause problems when being imported in to audio/video apps that are using the Fraunhofer official codec.

    AV sync problems can be a nightmare and it is rare that the fix is quick.
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    converting to .wav fixed the problem. Thanks so much for your help.

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