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Thread: How To Speed Up The Rendering?

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    Smile How To Speed Up The Rendering?

    Im using Premiere Pro 1.5 in Windows XP Prof.
    I have edited 2hrs movie. I have used about 20 default crossfade tansistions. There is 5 background mp3 songs plus the movie's original sound. Its taking about 9hrs. I have done several of these types of projects (2-2.5 hrs) and they are taking same 9-10hrs.

    My PCs specs is as follows:
    Pentium 4 2.8ghz
    2gb ram
    320gb hard drive
    128mb graphics card

    Im using built in mpeg encoder to output as mpeg2 format.

    When rendering process starts, its takes about 4-5hrs to complete first 100% then again it starts frm 1% which takes about another 4-5hrs.

    Is it normal?

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    The techies here can explain this far better than I can. Two pass encoding gives better quality than single pass. Youíve chosen a high quality setting, a single pass encode will take about half the time. Check the encoding settings for VBR (variable bitrate) and CBR (constant bitrate).

    Iím no whizz on any of this, but thereís a huge amount of info on it on the web Ė and lots of it on this forumís FAQ.

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    This is about right for a P4 2.8ghz processor if you are using video that doesn't match the project settings and has effects applied.

    If you are using DV video then only the transitions should need rendering.

    I guess what you mean is when you output using the MPEG card, and this very much depends on the card and how much of the work has to be done by the processor. As Tony says VBR encoding gives better results than CBR, but only if you are trying to fit a lot of video on to a single disc, which is what you are doing in this case. If you have a shorter clip to encode then use CBR set to max and you will get the same good quality but a larger file and only half the time to export.

    It sounds to me that you are doing everything right, to help things along you could install a second HDD and make sure that all the files used in the project are on the same HDD and then export to the other HDD so 1 does the reading and the other does the writing.

    Do all your edits save the project and set it exporting over night.
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