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    I'm running Premiere Elements 2.0 and want to add a track of commentary to match the video (for old home movies I've captured. Am I right in assuming that it can't be done? Seems impossible to believe so I'm hoping someone here can help.

    Otherwise I'll have to try and watch the pics while I record the voice on another program and then copy that sound file onto PE.


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    I don't think premiere elements has a voice over facilty, but you could record your commentary to a dv cam or an mp3 player/recorder and import that to your project. This means you can re-record bits that you fluff or forget to add relevant info.
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    And have a read of Irishmark’s guide to ‘Making a Killer Voiceover’ here:

    I found that adding your own narrative in the way suggested above is actually more controllable than ‘live’ voiceovers to the timeline.

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    Thanks guys - I've tried recording onto another program and it's not too bad, just need to make sure I sync it up ok on the timeline when I import it as I inevitably have to start recording, THEN roll the vision. Why on earth a program as detailed as PE doesn't allow for v/o is beyond me.

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