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Thread: Windows Media Player 11 and iTunes 7

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    Default Windows Media Player 11 and iTunes 7

    Now I'm betting this won't affect 99% of you, but I like to have films playing the background whilst listening to music. Because of DRM (yes, I know, the spawn of satan, but a necessary evil) I use Windows Media Player. And because I've found iTunes the easiest download service, I use iTunes to play music. But here's the rub: when I play videos the mp3 skips. At first I thought it was a problem with the player until I realised it only ever happend when I played something in media player. Shame.

    I'm guessing the is because of the updates in 7 - it's meant to incorporate enhanced video downloading (I say enhanced but us poor folk in the UK are once again shafted and see none of the cool video downloads in the download shop).

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    I find i tunes is very buggy on my pc. Does odd things and is awkward to use. Put me righnt off ever buying another ipod.

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    iTunes 7 is so crap... and now they've bundled it with Quicktime 7 so be very careful when installing the latter! Choose 'No thanks, just install Quicktime damn it'...

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