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Thread: .MOD & .MOI files

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    Default .MOD & .MOI files

    Guys - looking for a bit of advice please...

    In a moment of madness on holiday I bought a JVC GZ-MG50AG camera (and was totally ripped off but thats another story).

    Anyway - I have uploaded the files onto my PC and they appear to be in .MOD format (and each has a .MOI which I presume to be some sort of text information file with the date of the clip etc). Problem is I am using ULead VideoStudio v9 which doesn't seem to speak to .MOD files (neither does Windows Movie Maker). So, for the time being, the only way I can edit the files is with the software that came with it which seems to be incapable of doing anything other than sticking clips together, triming a bit off and burning to CD). Infact, I have only half filled the camera's hard disk and the software can not handle that amount of clips.

    I am no technical wizz by any stretch of the imagination - but I believe the .MOD clips are in MPEG-2 format.

    Does anyone know of a workround for this - is there anything that can convert the files over - or any better way I can view and edit my clips?

    Many thanks for your help folks...


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    is this something no-one else has came up against before?

    Any tips would be much appreciated!

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    I was able to get swish (flash tool) to read the files. I used that to convert it to FLV file. I just got the camera (not yet stolen) and am on the same hunt as you.

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    I too have a JVC video camera that generates the .MOI and .MOD files. My problem is a little worse, though. The software that came with the camera worked for a while, and then I started getting ikernel error messages, of the 3-program suite, only 2 would install, and none would work. I have been in contact with the software maker, Cyberlink for 2 months now. Most of their answers seemed irrelevant, but I did as they asked.

    Now after a dozen or some cycles, they sent this "We understand your concern and the implication of this situation as a user and apologize for any inconvenience experienced by you. " But no other advice.

    So I really need something that will read and convert these files. And swish, which may or may not convert them to .mgeg, costs over $200.

    Any advice?

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    I have a Panasonic that too uses the .MOD and .MOI file format. Not sure if you guys have found an answer to this but for me, I simply rename the .MOD file to .MPG and all is well. The file format is really MPEG-2. The problem with reading the .MOD file is that it is being seen as an Amiga Sound clip due to the .MOD file extension. By renaming it to .MPG or .MPEG all applications seem to read it fine.

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    Default SDCopy should do the trick

    You can indeed just rename the mod files to MPG and they will work fine in most cases. I had the same problem (with a JVC cam) and someone recommended "SDCopy". It almost does the same as just renaming the file to .mpg but also adds extra meta info to the MPG which is very handy for editing programs to understand if it is 16:9 format.


    Or just google it yourself.

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    Ulead Video Studio 12 (or is it Corel now?) reads the HD MPG2s that JVC record because I had a similar problem with TOD, I use Ulead Media Stuido Pro 8 to convert to DV and then edit in Premiere Pro CS3.

    I'm guessing MOD is SD (rather HD that TOD is) so simply renaming may work they others have said.

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    Default DVMP Pro

    DVMP pro is able to add the time stamps to you .MOD files from your .MOI files, and out puts them in to .avi file perfect for any video editing software.

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    video studio pro has native support for both mod & tod files

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    Default Changing the file extension works

    But I also use PowerDirector, as it accepts the MOD files - and you can produce them as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, .avi, .mov, .wmv, etc.

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