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    Hi all

    I have a Panasonic NV-DS150 Digital Video Camera.

    I was hoping some how record to it direct from a VCR and record what was VHS and thus converting it to Digital. Although my camera has a VCR mode and screen it does not seem to have a record button within the VCR mode !!!

    It does has a firewire DV in/out socket so I can export to it from Adobe Preimere 6.0 but I am having trouble getting around how it get it from the VCR into the camera or Adobe Premiere

    I might be going about this in the totally wrong way but would appreciate any advice.



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    Does your camera have any analogue inputs. If so then connect up your VCR and away you go.

    If not then it looks like you'll need to beg/borrow/buy and analogue to digital converter box. These nromallyplug into a USB2 port on your PC and will then allow you to capture the VHS tape typically to a very large AVI file.

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    After reading the manual (isn't the internet fantastic?), the analogue connections are video out only. Yep, you need to hook up your VCR to your PC. Now where was that recent post that talked about that...

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    Millsy and MARC

    Many thanks for use help.......Marc you are correct the sockets on the camera are out but not in.

    So it look like I need the converter......your link points me in the right direction. Which one would you recommend if that's possible

    Thanks again.

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    I personally have a Dazzle Fusion i use to capture from my VCR. I'm happy with it and never had a problem. A few others on the firums have had a few teething troubles but from the threads I remember, they all got working in the end.

    In fact Dazzle doa range of A2Ds. Have a look around at

    You can get an idea of price from at

    The other thing that I quite like about this model is that it also acts as a multi card reader (memry stick, smartmedia, compact flash, micordrive etc etc) which comes in handy once in a while.

    Of course there are many many others around that I;m sure many people will recommend. I just happen to have this one and have been quite happy with it.

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