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    I'm pretty new to all the video-editing 'n stuff and recently I was watching this movie:

    The opening is the name of a guild (on the MMORPG World of Warcraft) called Nihilum, so my question is how they do that with all the effects and sparkles. Is there somekind of program that can help you make such an introduction, which is fairely easy to learn and user-friendly in usage?

    Thank you in advance


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    I clicked the download link on that page and got an error. sorry.

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    The video doesnt really matter that much, i only like to know how they make all those special effects, how they can make all the letters light up one by one and such stuff

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    First commeth the tape and the tape was good and moving pictures were recorded on it by much magic.

    Then commeth the computer with much electrikery and wisdom beneath it's boxy sides.

    And lo did some vaporous troll dwelling within a dark room conjour the bits and bytes and assembled the editor.

    Twas a great time of birth when the three did meet amongst a panting hoard of media types who urged them on desperate to be free of their burden of Umatics and half inch tape and the evil of generation loss.

    In this tumult of need and circumstance was the video editing system born and soon mortals were applying outlandish text effects to otherwise dull titles.

    Avail thyself of the craft of editing and soon ye too shall impress others with such sparkly type.

    Beware the road is long but once started it surely shall end.

    (just done a night shift....)

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    Anyway this is motion trail effect and can be made using the trapcode particular plug in with after effects, but this is not cheap.

    concentrate on learning to produce motion trails, there maybe other programs that do this much cheaper.

    It maybe posible in bluff titler.
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