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    OMG i think im going to pull my hair out people, im not brand new to the website but I am a brand new subscriber. Anyways, Iv been searching and searching for a rendering guide, I have found plenty of info through the forums and other websites, but I can not find a step by step guide to rendering.

    I dont even use Vegas 6 i use Vegas 6 studio a step down, which is fine by me for my needs.

    I have completed a video using Fraps for world of warcraft, and now I want to render in a good quality but size down, i was getting half a gig for about 2mins worth of flim.

    I just want a simple step by step on what I should do, theres so many different things and a lot of times im getting this message
    "the custom template you selected is not valid with the current project settings. It has been filtered out of the template list"

    heres is a sample of what type of quality and size i want...and for those that play WoW and havnt seen this you might get a kick.
    thanks for your time.

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    Try this,

    and this

    Although the tut is for Vegas 4, it's the same process.

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    thx for replying back so fast im looking at them now il let you know if helped
    thx again,

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    Thank you Soooooo much for posting, that is excatly what I needed, it worked perfect thank you again.

    anyone new to rendering should check out the above link, it helped me.

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    Just glad I could help.

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    Ok the only problem im still getting is
    for 2:40secs of movie time by doint excatly what the clip showed me to do, it still came out to 108MB. Il keep working on it, till i figure how to get it down there. Thanks again.

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    Speaking of the rendered movie being too big... I just rendered a 3 minute movie and it says "estimated size" is 13MB but the file came out to be 115 MB.

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