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Thread: deleting corrupted video segment

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    Default deleting corrupted video segment

    I'm having a problem with some corrupted data in a video file and all I want to do is delete those few frames that are corrupted. Is thier a program that allows you to mark a begining and and end markewr, and allows you to remove only that small segment? If not, and video editor that allows you to remove a good portion on the beggining would be fine.

    The segment I want to get rid of makes it impossible to save the work to a dvd disk (it freezes on that segment). It is shown when I play it on my computer as a few frames that seem to have been broken and disorted. I tried to repair the video segment with various programs, but to no avail.

    Free would be best because this is only a very small project that I want to fix up.
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    If you are running Windows XP then you have Windows Movie Maker. That will allow you to do what you want. And it's free!

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