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Thread: US video editing stores.

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    Default US video editing stores.

    I'm a newbie.
    Is there a video editing store in every neighbourhood in the big cities?
    I would like to know approximately how much would it cost to edit a 5mins video and turn it into a small file(dimensions and file size). By editing I mean making faces more clear, if shot at night, changing the lighting, removing other small defects from faces, etc.
    Of cource I don't include in editing hollywood effects, or other time consuming processes.
    Thank you,

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    Over here in the uk you could approach a small production company to do the wk, but the cost would probably be prohibitive unless you are loaded. Expect to be charged 25 to 40 uk pounds per hour for such work here so it would come to at least 100 and that is if they will do such a small job. Your best bet is to approach someone who is a keen amture to help you out.

    Maybe someone on here would be intersted ? ? ? For a small sum probably.

    I suggest ypu post some more details of the exact work you want and see....

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    The Yellow Pages are your friend. Look under 'video production'.
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    I don't know if it matters but I want the output of the videos in a file format supported by windows media player.

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