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Thread: Rendering times in Vegas Video 4: rendering video smoothly

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    Default Rendering times in Vegas Video 4: rendering video smoothly

    I have Vegas Video 4 and the rendering times are insanely long. For a 2 minute video it takes 40 minutes, and the video is jumpy and not right. what can i do to make it render properly? Pre rendering does the same thing. My pc is 2.7 gigahertz p4, 256 mb ram.

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    What export settings are you using?

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    I am exporting as a mov file or .mov, and it is at 30fps compression is ISO mpeg 4 video v1, i think that is about it, seems like audio is fine but the video is extremly skippy

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    Any particular reason why you chose 30fps (or are you just rounding up). What's your source material. Have you tried other codecs?

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    Default codec is sony dv third party

    the rate i am using is 29.970, just rounding although sometimes thats what it says, i think that is standard dv right? the video format is sorenson video 3. umm the codec i am not sure, but it is a quicktime file(.mov) and is mpeg concept 4, but i can switch to NTSC, maybe that would be faster. i can either use a sony dv codec or a microsoft dv, i think that i am using sony third party codec. i am not sure how to change to microsoft. is there any settings that u know of that would make a clear video, or would it be more effective to use mpeg 1/2? thank you

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    Hey, this is my first post at this forum so I look forward to hangin' round.

    I use Vegas also and I'm not too sure about your settings but I would highly reccommend a RAM upgrade. Render times have soooo much to do with ram. When I moved my ram from single to dual-channel I noticed a significant speed increase in render times. I'm still finding my 512MB of PC2700 too slow though so I expect my dual-channel 1GB of PC4000 that I ordered off of Ebay to arrive tomorrow :twisted:

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