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    Question What Camcorder

    Hi can anyony help me, i need a new video camera as mine has packed up.

    Anyway i think im going to go for the Mini DV option because i understand that editing is easier, does the optical zoom rating matter, the more expensive ones seem to have a lower rating of 10x

    The sony ones look nice are they any good and what format do they write in

    many thanks

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    Mini DV is the way to go. It offers the highest picture quality at the moment in Standard Definition and most editing software can handle Mini DV camcorders that are connected to the computer using Firewire. The kind of camcorder you are looking for depends on what you want to use it for and how much you want to spend?

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    Question new camcorder hvra1p or sr8 or... what.

    Hello! I want to buy a camera can you help to choose one? I travell a lot so I was thinking in a sony hvra1p that looks pretty good for the size, but it has only one ccd, so I compare it with the sony sr8 that even if sony doesn't say that is profesional, it looks good as hvra1p for the specs, it just has a better mic. And is much cheapper. It records in a new format what I don't care too much as I think that with new windows the new editing programs are going to appear very soon. And also like the hard drive in it, but I don't know about the quality of video. I'm thinking in stop travelling next year to study cinema so I want to buy a camcorder good enough if may I'll need to use it for that next year. Thanks!
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