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Thread: No Playback + Serious Error

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    Angry No Playback + Serious Error

    I just edited a 5 min project and everything was sweet. Then I put in credits...DAMN CREDITS...and now it wont playback for me in the monitor. Not only that, when I try to export the movie, it comes up with "Serious error has occurred. Shutting down." HELP! I tried deleting the satan-loving credits, but even without those evil titles, things are still crook! I've shut down the program & started it again, but nothing...other project files seem to be unaffected.
    Any advice will be HIGHLY appreciated!
    ...Just don't tell me things are lost! I spent AGES editing this thing!

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    How did you create the titles? Where did you place them on the timeline? What were you doing in the program up until the problem occoured?

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