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    have a number of very old vhs tapes with very bad sound tracks which I would like to try to get on to dvd. Would it be possible to use a fairly good capture card to transfer lp records of the same vintage and the tapes without sound and marry up with software and burn to disk. Absolutly brand new to this so be gentle if its too stupid


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    It's not at all stupid.

    I assume that you're talking about music vids? The only problem is that the live performance will, almost certainly, be different to the recording.

    A huge problem I've found is that old records tend to have scratches and hisses, which are as painful to listen to as the muddy sound on VHS.

    Be a bit more specific and I'll try to see what I can suggest (I'm off at IBC over the next few days but will get back to you)

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    Concerning the LP's, you used to be able to purchase a separate 'record player' that had line out sockets (left and right) and they were also both connected to a pre - amp which gave full volume output at line level. I think it was ARGOS who sold them, I'm sure there are others and you would just connect it to the line in on your soundcard, obviously you'd need a convertor plug to connect to the soundcard (3.5mm stereo). Software could range from Audacity up to the likes of Audition to remove the crackling.

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    Thks for the replies chaps.
    the tapes are from the distant past, holiday, rugby dance etc etc as u can imagine the sound/noise is terrible. What I want to do is a voice over, time place people sort of thing, with some background music of the period. If I can use the capture card for the sound then I only need to connect the once, for the two sources, just wasn't sure if the card would do this,or I needed some other method to capture the sound. Have the original turntable/amp with l/r line out as Niko suggested so u think a goer

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