I had a terrible time figureing this out. I thought someone might need the knowledge sometime.

Here is how to add the black bars that made Red Vs Blue look so cool. (For Geting rod of an HUD of removing subtle parts of the screen)

Start off by launching Pinnacle Studios. (If you have Plus, it's eaiser) Then go to Title in the scene editing tray, and Overlay Image, then using whatever you want, create the bars and make the duration however long you want.

With Pinnacle Studios Plus (V 10 and up)

Add your scene, then double click it to bring up the Scene editing tray, the go to the Picture In Picture tab, and chose "Crop" just like picture editing. Then just move the Sliders and click Add to New Scenes and it will do the same thing, for anything different, you can change it later.

It was surprisingly easy, however, I asked everywhere. Maybe I'm just not that smart. I asked even Pinnacle however, and even they didn't figure out the Croping part. They did give me the first one however. I found my answer by actually reading the Owners Manual. It was tucked about 112 pages into the book in the form of a paragraph labled "Croping". I did find it however. I hope this helps someone