Hi people - hope someone can help.

Having a weird experience with premiere pro. When I first installed the program I had no issues at all but suddenly its acting weird.

When I try to capture from Canon XM2 via firewire (PAL) - The capture randomly - usually between 5 - 25 secs footage - interrupts with an unkown capture error record message - basically I can capture a dv tape but it takes ages and an hours tape can be made up of 100's of short 10 second clips (hard to edit with) .

I didnt know whether the problem was with premiere pro or with my camera/dv tapes. If I simply play the camera though the capture window it plays my dv tape no problem - as soon as i hit record then it keeps stopping.

Now I tried capturing in windows movie player - it worked fine - I captured the avs then tried to import them into premiere - then something even weirder happened. The file imported fine - but it was wrong. I imported a 30 minute piece of footage - about 6 gigs worth. Premiere pro aknowledged it was 6 gig etc but when I looked at the length there was only about 2 minutes of footage - the rest wasnt visible.

So whats going on?

I uninstalled Premiere and reinstalled but its still doing it.

The only major change thats happened since I installed premiere pro is i changed from onboard sound to a soundcard. This is installed correctly though and I performed by premiere re-install afterwards.

any suggestions would be mucho help - I basically have a 500 quid package I cant edit in!

spose Ive got Windows Movie maker!