Old problem new angle - What do I need to change to make a DVD that even a Mac will read?

Video edited in Adobe Premier Pro 2 - no apparent problem. DVD burnt to file in PAL format - still no problem so far. DVD's burnt (to DVD+R) using Deepburner. This plays fine on my PC (Windows XP) in Media Player - also on a laptop and my old PC (Windows 9 in whatever DVD players were installed and auto - opened. Plays fine on 1 very cheap and basic DVD player - another basic 1 skips the menu page, but plays. This problem was repeated on a friends PC, and their DVD player couldn't read it either, but this is DVD-R only so I'm not suprised, and this is easily solved.

BUT other people who have tried have told me they couldn't open it at all on anything (and I know they tried DVD players, PC's and Macs. I think I have eliminated the menu skipping problem by copying the VIDEO_TS directory only and omitting the OpenDVD directory that Premier generates - this leaves me with a Mac problem. It recognises that there is a disk, but says it is incompatible.

ANy suggestions appreciated.