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Thread: Premier Pro Visuals Are Juddery?

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    Default Premier Pro Visuals Are Juddery?

    I Now Have Premier Pro, My Problem Is When I Put My Footage Onto It Play It Back All Juddery, The Audio Is Fine But This Visuals Are All Messed Up, What Going Wrong? I Thought It Might Just Have Been While It Was On The Programme But I've Exported It To Dvd And Its The Same! Why Is Software Not User Friendly?

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    What way is your camcorder connected to your computer? Firewire or USB? It should only be Firewire and nothing else and would you list the full spec of your computer setup? I've read your other posts and video editing takes time both whilst out filming and then in editing. Spending a day in the rain (usually 10am to 5pm) to get 30 minutes of video is not uncommon, it is far from glamourous but the hopefully the end results will make getting pneumonia worth it.

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    Nice Analogy! Cheers For The Reply. I Already Have The Footage On My Hard Drive Its Been Sittine There For What Feels Like Forevr, I Was Fortunate Enough To Meet A Guy At Work Who Made His Films And He Asked If I Would Like To Go To His Studio To Record Some Jam Sessions As I Have A Bit Of A Reputation As A Song Writer Locally And So We Got Together On Around 5 Or 6 Occations And He Edited What We Decided Was The Best Of The Stuff And As A Result I Have An Almost Finished Music Dvd, Its Looks Fantastic I Couldn't Be Happier With His Work But By Nearly Finished I Mean I Need To Chop It Up Remove Some Songs And Rearrange The Remians Also Adding Some Home Recordings. The Dvd Is Not In A Format I'm Familiar With Its The One Where You Get 2 Files Labeled Audio_ts And Video_ts. With The Ammount Of Work He Has To Get On With He Can No Longer Help Me So I'm Left To Finish The Job And I've Got Nothing Done For Almost A Year. I Have Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Encore Dvd 2.0 And Premier 5.5 All Of Which I Have Had Little To No Success With And Can Find No Real Means Of Help. My Pc Set Up Is I Have 400gig Hard Drive [not Including Exturnal] Amd Atholon 64 Processor And A Gig Of Ram So I'm Sure My Pc Can Handle Pretty Much Anything I Throw At It, But My Weakness Is My Little Understanding Of How To Use Software Its All Way Too Indepth! I Edited My Home Recordings For More Extras And Burned It To Disc Via Premier Pro But Dispite The Audio Being Perfect The Visuals Were Constantly Jumpy Missing Frames And It Looks Like I May Have Wasted Alot Of My Time. While I Was Editing It Together It Was Jumpy On The Monitor But I Thought It May Have Sorted It Out Before Exporting To Disc Much To My Dismay. So If You Could Help Me Get Going On It, It Would Be Much Appreciated. Oh And I Need To Do My Own Menu Screens, Mark Has Done A Great One On The Dvd But I Want To Change It Slightly And Put Up All The Relevant Infromation And Different Pictures. Cheers.

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    Dose your origanl footage look the same? It may also be worth pressing your enter key and getting a cup of coffe This renders the frams and could fix your problem.

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    Default Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, I Pressed Enter And It Took About An Hour And A Half To Render Which Is Fine, But It Still Judders On The Moniter, Does That Mean It Will Judder If I Burn It? The Footage Plays Fine Off My Hard Drive, And I Have Successfully Burned The Footage To Disc In The Past But I Hadn't Edited It Or Created Any Menu's Ect So It Looks Shit And Cheap, I Dont Know Why There's A Problem If This Software Is As Good As Everyone Keeps Telling Me. What Else Can I Try Before I Give Up Completely? What Is Rendering? Why Is It Nessesary? Is There No Hope Of Me Ever Doing This Myself? I'm Sure If Any Of U Were Here It Would Be Solvable But Bare In Mind Its All Nerw To Me And I'm Finding The Experience One Of The Most Frustrating Things I've Ever Done, Why Doesn't The Software Know That There's A Problem? Surely Its Aware That The Footage Is Fucked? Can Someone Tell Me Why This Is So Hard To Figure Out, I Feel Like I'm Digging My Grave Here.

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    Default Wait A Minite!

    I've Just Looked Through The Tracks And It Appears To Sorted Half Of Them Out, I've Used To Different Camera's To Get The Footage, Not That I Can Remember Which Took Which But Should That Make Any Difference? I Can See Why As I Recorded Them On To My Harddrive The Same Way? The Higher Quality Stuff Is Still Fucked. For Some Reason Each Track Is Slightly Different, Some Of The Songs Fill The Window And Some Are Made Smallerand Are Inthe Center Of Monitor, What Does That Mean? I Originally Recorded Them Onto Dig8 Tapes And Then Upgraded To Mini Dv But They All Play The Same Off My Hard Drive! And I Used The Same Software To Record Them From My Cam. I Had To Play The Footage In Real Time And Record It That Way So I Cant See How They Can Be In Different Formats. When I Look At Thier Properties They Are All Winamp Media File's?????????????????????????????? If I Render Again Will It Make Any Difference? Could Anyone Answer The Questions Still Unanswered On My Last Reply, Cheers.

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    It seems you took footage off a DVD as you mention 'Labeled Audio_ts And Video_ts', these are two folders found on DVD's with audio and video files inside them. If you try and import mpeg (DVD) files into Adobe they will playback jittery and this sounds like what you have. You need to convert them to avi (Adobe doesn't handle mpeg's very well at capture or import). It's better to keep the mpeg files to last and use them for the DVD you intend to burn.

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    Cool, Cheers, I'll Try That When I Get Some Time During The Week. Rock On!

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